Forensic Files 1.8: "The Wilson Murder"

Sometime in the afternoon, Jack Wilson was strangled, stabbed, and beat to death with a blunt object, presumably a fire poker. Prosecutors believe Jack's wife Betty Wilson and her twin sister Peggy Lowe hired James White to murder him, motivated by insurance money and a loveless relationship.

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Forensic Files 1.7: "Legionnaires' Disease"

Stagnant water in a cooling tower atop the Bellevue Stratford Hotel produced a bacteria that became airborne when the tower's fans were used. The airborne bacteria drifted down the front of the hotel, onto the sidewalk and in through windows and the lobby intake fan. Victims appeared to have a respiratory illness akin to pneumonia before dying.

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Forensic Files 1.4: "The Footpath Murders"

As she walked along a footpath at night, Lynda Mann was strangled to death and then raped. Her body was discovered the next morning by a passerby. Her death went unsolved for three years until Dawn Ashworth was raped and then strangled to death on her walk home from school.

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