Forensic Files 1.8
"The Wilson Murder"

February 2, 2020 by Avery Faeth

The Wilson Murder

Air date: 11/14/1996
Chronology: season 1, episode 8

Victim: Jack Wilson

Date of death: 05/22/1992

Cause of death: Blunt force trauma

Location: Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Perpetrator: James White, hired by Betty Wilson

The crime: Sometime in the afternoon, Jack Wilson was strangled, stabbed, and beat to death with a blunt object, presumably a fire poker. Prosecutors believe Jack's wife Betty Wilson and her twin sister Peggy Lowe hired James White to murder him, motivated by insurance money and a loveless relationship. White and Wilson were both convicted, while Lowe was found not guilty.

Techniques: Blood spatter analysis, wound examination

Professionals: Kris Sperry, MD (forensic pathologist), Dr. Joseph Embry, MD (state medical examiner), Jerry McDaniel (private investigator), Micky Brantley (homicide investigator), Charles Hooper (attorney), David Cromwell Johnson (attorney), Peter Thomas (narrator)