Scream Queens 2018, Day 30 Part 3
Sarah Paulson

October 10, 2018 by Avery Faeth

As a special Devils' Night treat, here's extra lady Sarah Paulson. Sarah has proven herself a horror maven of formidable range on the anthology series "American Horror Story," playing a hysterical mother on the verge, a vain and tempestuous reality actress (who in turn plays a tormented yoga teacher), a strict post-apocalyptic disciplinarian, a cynical psychic dripping with Southern charm, an abused and abandoned journalist, a sympathetic and tragic junkie ghost, a blossoming ingenue witch queen, a maniacal devotee of the Manson family, and both conflicting identities of a conjoined twin. Since 2011, Sarah has startled, stunned, and shocked us, and will hopefully do so for many seasons to come.