Scream Kings 2019, Day 5
Tony Todd

October 10, 2019 by Avery Faeth

Our scream king up tonight is the mesmerizing Tony Todd! Tony got his start in horror reimagining the classic role of Ben in "Night of the Living Dead" (Tom Savini, 1990). He is the presence behind "Candyman" (Bernard Rose, 1992), the ghost of a murdered artist who uses a modern-day urban legend to exact his revenge. When graduate student Helen Lyle reveals that a human killer is also using the Candyman name to commit his crimes, the real ghost must draw her into his legend to regain his strength. This underrated gem from the '90s also tackles the issue of racism in an intelligent way. The subsequent sequels were much less intellectual but still featured Tony in nightmarish form. Although it's not strictly a horror movie, "The Crow" (Alex Proyas, 1994) also features Tony as the malignant Grange, the stone cold sidekick of the crime boss as Top Dollar. Given the satanic and cannibalistic undercurrents of their business dealings, this character could well be considered a horror figure. He also starred in the minor role of Johnny Valentine in "Wishmaster" (Robert Kurtzman, 1997).

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