Scream Kings 2019, Day 4
Doug Bradley

October 10, 2019 by Avery Faeth

Tonight's scream king is the face of Hell itself, Doug Bradley! Doug rose to fame as the leader of a torturous gang of pleasure demons in "Hellraiser" (Clive Barker, 1987). Cinema legend goes (although we have it on good authority that it's only legend), Doug was offered his choice between two roles, a furniture mover or a being known as "lead cenobite." His agent encouraged him to take the role of the mover, as the creature role would require heavy makeup and thus render him unrecognizable. He went with his gut and chose the role of the cenobite, bringing to it such charm and character that he got a name - "Pinhead" - and became the figurehead for the series until 2005. What IS true is that Pinhead isn't his only claim to fame - he plays Dirk Lylesburg, leader of the titular "Nightbreed" (Clive Barker, 1990). Doug Bradley is proof that sticking to your guns and making a role your own is the secret to horror immortality!

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