Scream Kings 2019, Day 22
Jeffrey Combs

October 10, 2019 by Avery Faeth

Tonight we meet B-movie baron Jeffrey Combs! In "Frightmare" (Norman Thaddeus Vane, 1983) he's one of a group of film fanatics who steal the corpse of a horror legend. The role that made him iconic is as Herbert West in the Lovecraft modernization of "Re-Animator" (Stuart Gordon, 1985) and its sequels "Bride of Re-Animator" (Brian Yuzna, 1989) and "Beyond Re-Animator" (Brian Yuzna, 2003). He starred in another Lovecraft thriller, "From Beyond" (Stuart Gordon, 1986) as a scientist who creates a means of seeing into another dimension. In "Cellar Dweller" (John Carl Buechler, 1988), he plays a murdered comic book artist back from the grave. He continues a creative partnership in "The Pit and the Pendulum" (Stuart Gordon, 1991), a Poe-penned story set during the Spanish Inquisition. Then, he stars as the titular "Doctor Mordrid" (Albert Band & Charles Band, 1992) in a battle against an interdimensional evil. Then it's back to Lovecraft, playing the writer himself in the wraparound story of the anthology "Necronomicon: Book of the Dead" (Brian Yuzna, Christopher Gans, & Shusuke Kaneko, 1993). In "Lurking Fear" (C. Courtney Joyner, 1994) he stars opposite scream queen Ashley Laurence as occupants of a supernatural town. "The Frighteners" (Peter Jackson, 1996) sees him as an FBI agent obsessed with the killer he stalks. He also stars as Mr. Brooks in "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" (Danny Cannon, 1998). He's starred in countless B-movies since then, embracing his role as a cult camp scream king!

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