Christmas Countdown 2019, Day 4
Dead End

December 12, 2019 by Avery Faeth

Let's get spooky with tonight's non-traditional installment, "Dead End" (Jean-Baptiste Andrea & Fabrice Canepa, 2003), starring Ray Wise and Lin Shaye. For the first time in twenty years of holidays, Frank Harrington decides to take a shortcut on the family visit to the in-laws. A near-miss accident with a mysterious woman in white kicks off the strange occurrences on this decidedly unmerry Christmas eve. Soon the family find themselves disappearing one by one as the evening races towards a dizzyingly illogical conclusion. Filled with eerie suspense, laced with wicked humor, and topped with a simple and shocking payoff, this film is a subtle surprise for anyone looking to shove it into the horror genre.

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