Scream Queens 2018: #27 Olivia Hussey & Geena Davis

Our first lady today is the legendary Olivia Hussey. Olivia is more famous for roles like Shakespeare's Juliet, but she left her mark on horror as Jess in "Black Christmas" (Bob Clark, 1974), opposite other heavy hitters like Keir Dullea and fellow lady Margot Kidder. This little-known slasher classic from the director of "A Christmas Story" practically began the genre. It deals with domestic and family issues like few serious films do.

We cap off tonight with the queen herself, Geena Davis! Geena met her match in real life and on the screen in "The Fly" (David Cronenberg, 1986) with Jeff Goldblum when she played Veronica Quaife. Her real spooky claim to fame is playing Barbara in "Beetlejuice" (Tim Burton, 1988) with Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, Catherine O'Hara, and Winona Ryder. Geena is a goddess in any genre!