Scream Queens 2018: #25 Britt Ekland & Catherine Deneuve

Starting off today, we have blonde bombshell Britt Ekland. Britt plays the incorrigible Willow, the innkeeper's daughter, in "The Wicker Man" (Robin Hardy, 1973). Christopher Lee costars as the community spiritual leader who has convinced an entire island that the bounty of their crops depends on pagan rituals and gods of nature. An anonymous letter sent to the mainland regarding a missing girl brings a chaste police officer to their shores and right into a trap. Britt plays the part of temptress and witch with sleepy, sensuous élan.

Tonight we give you the timeless Catherine Deneuve. Catherine brings her effortless and immortal beauty to the screen in "The Hunger" (Tony Scott, 1983) as Miriam Blaylock, an artistic vampire torn between David Bowie and Susan Sarandon as lovers. When a seduction scene called for Susan's character to be drunk, she instead opted to pour out the wine to underscore her willingness - "You wouldn't have to get drunk to bed Catherine Denueve, I don't care what your sexual history to that point had been." For one of the most remarkable bloodsucker flicks in cinema, the word "vampire" appears nowhere in the script.