Scream Queens 2018: #24 Jenette Goldstein & Samantha Eggar

For the week leading up to Halloween, we're doing twofers on ladies, and today we're starting with Jenette Goldstein. Jenette plays the steely and ruthlessly sexy Diamondback in "Near Dark" (Kathryn Bigelow,1987), arguably the best vampire movie of the last thirty years. Before that she made her mark as Private Vasquez in "Aliens" (James Cameron, 1986), but she later took a break from kicking ass to play John Connor's ill-fated foster mother Janelle Voight in "Terminator 2" (James Cameron, 1991). Jenette may not be a name you know but she's definitely made her mark.

Here's our second lady of the day, the lovely Samantha Eggar. Samantha stars as Nola Carveth opposite Oliver Reed and Art Hindle in the early David Cronenberg cult classic "The Brood" (1979). This movie has it all - extrasensory abilities, a broken marriage, an evangelical and cultish doctor with a psychic panacea, female jealousy, and grotesque special effects.