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            For as long as I can remember reading has been a hobby of mine.  I’d like to think that my love of reading was instilled by my mom at a young age, because she would take my sister and me to the library and let us pick out as many books as we wanted.  I can remember summer days going to the local library and walking away with bags of books, only to return a few days later having finished them already and needing more.  Reading was a creative outlet for me, as well as a way to explore new worlds.  Whether it was reading by myself, with my mom and dad, or with the neighborhood kids (we often played school-guess who was the teacher?), my nose was ALWAYS in a book.  Even after my dad passed away and some of my memories with him began to fade over time, I can still recall one specific book he would always sit down with me and read.  It was a Hallmark velvet bound copy of “A Little Princess” by Francis Hodgson Burnett which I received as a gift from my Aunt and still have to this day.  He always used to tell me (and which my family members like to remind me all the time of), “Reading can take you places.” So naturally, what do I do?  Being the little bugger that I was, I would run around telling everyone who would listen that “my daddy said if I read I can go anywhere in the world I want.”  12 years later and I’m still reading. Thanks mom and dad.
            So why Rabbit Hole Reviews you ask?  Well, other than the fact that I love rabbits and grew up with a pet rabbit named Oreo, who lived to the ripe old age of 12 (basically 100 in human years), I adore all things Alice in Wonderland.  I own multiple copies of the books and still snatch up additional ones whenever I find new editions or ones with unique covers.  I’m also a huge fan of any film version of Alice in Wonderland and watch them all the time.  Retellings?  You betcha! I adore those as well! One of my favorites is the Splintered series by YA author A. G. Howard.
            I’ve been blogging for about a year now, but as a co-blogger on a few other sites.  As much as I loved my time writing reviews and reading for those blogs, I’m ready to start a new adventure in the book world! I’ve had Rabbit Hole Reviews in the back of my mind for quite some time now and I’m so glad I was finally brave enough to go through with it! Thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way, to all my family and friends who have listened to me ramble on for months now about it, and to my blogger friends who have helped me with all things blogging (HTML, buying templates, graphic design, you name it!).  You have all been an IMMENSE help and I would be nowhere without you all!
            So venture with me down the rabbit hole friends, and let’s find some great new books we can sink our teeth into.  Or claws, if you’re team Jacob! :)  I can’t wait to discover new worlds, books, and authors and share them with you all! Happy reading friends!

In loving memory of Marko Alfano

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