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Review: The Indigo Stone

In the ‘Old World,’ a gifted race known as the Laxens evolved, bringing new creativity and innovation to a primitive world. The group lived together with people for centuries in relative peace, until the year that Eine was born and a mysterious order called the Indigo took over a thriving trade center and began to hunt down all the Laxens. Seventeen years later, Eine - a half-Laxen in hiding - scrapes together a meager existence in the alleys of the once great city of Thela, where the oppressed people are terrorized by giant guards and cut off entirely from the outside world. Stoic Eine barely dreams of a different kind of existence until she stumbles across someone else hiding out: a nameless but charismatic soldier sent as a spy from a foreign city, where politicians and scholars are investigating the Indigo’s power. Together they join Noname’s fatherly companion in an escape under the Thelan walls and travel to the beautiful but aging city of Enahala, where the ruling order must decide how best to prevent the Indigo’s destruction from spreading beyond Thela. In The Indigo Stone, by Simone Snaith, Eine discovers that the world holds wonders of which she’s never dreamed, including technology, legends, romance, and a power she never suspected was hers, one that will be the Indigo’s downfall.

Rating: 4 Stars

Book Title: The Indigo Stone

Author: Simone Snaith

Release Date:November 26th, 2014

Pages: 215



            The Indigo Stone by Simone Snaith starts off in the town of Thela, where the protagonist, Eine, is hiding on the streets and barely getting by.  The premise of this book initially reminded me of The Maze Runner by James Dashner and I think fans of this series will fall in love with The Indigo Stone as well. Like the Gladers, Eine and the rest of the citizens of Thela are cut off from the rest of the world, so much so, that many of them have lived their whole life in Thela and believe that this city is all there is.  After Eine meets Noname she starts to realize just how ignorant she is.  She’s never had an actual bath or seen a plane, and she starts to find out the extent to which the leaders of Thela have been withholding information from its denizens and keeping them in the dark. In doing so, many of them think there is nothing else out there for them, which keeps them from trying to escape or lash out.

Favorite Bits:
o   The Laxen and the Magic: Eine is half Laxen, but other than her ability to carry more weight than a girl her age or build should be able to, she doesn’t realize just how powerful she can really be.  I loved her journey with Noname because she does things that demonstrate some of the perks of being half Laxen, such as when she pulls Noname out of the quick sand as if he were a bag of feathers, or when she moves as if she weighs nothing.  All of these things are second nature to her, but it’s not until others point out the oddness of these strengths that she begins to see just how different she is.  I loved how humble Eine was when finding out all of this and not letting it get to her head. She’s naturally inquisitive and when she meets another Laxen for the first time she has a hard time containing her curiosity, which I thought was adorable.           
o   The Romance: Even though there was the occasional bit of mind games going on, which I typically hate, I thought the romance was done really well in the book.  It was cute, but it didn’t take away from the main plot and it wasn’t overdone.  The only time I found myself irritated with what was going on between Noname and Eine was when he attempted to make her jealous and flirt with other girls. It was inevitable because HELLO, he’s a guy, but at the same time it was a little ridiculous because Eine lived such a sheltered life up until this point that she didn’t even know what jealous was, let alone have any past dating experience.  All in all though she handled herself well and despite being a orphan and on her own all her life she STILL was a boss and didn't depend on others to take care of her.

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  1. Thank you for your review! This book looks so good! I have never heard of this author, though. How did you hear about her?


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